Electrician Bedford

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CES Electrical Contractors are Bedford Electricians, and we are able to provide the the following services:

  • Industrial Installations
  • Commercial Installations
  • Domestic Installations
  • Periodic Inspection and Testing (PIR)
  • Visual Condition of Electrical Systems (VCR)
  • Electrical Breakdown Support
  • Maintenance of Electrical Installations (PPM)
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Caravan Wiring Systems
  • Data Wiring Systems

Additional types of work we do:
Consumer unit change, fuse boxes, fuse boards, splitload consumer units, residual current devices, RCD installation, RCBO installation, circuit breaker installation, Installation certificates, Periodic inspection certificates, Landlord certificates, Domestic minor works certificate, notification of work, certification, landlord safety checks, kitchen upgrades, kitchen refurbishment, kitchen rewires, kitchen sockets, House rewiring, flat rewiring, rewires, new cabling, portable appliance testing, certifying DIY electrics, upgrades to comply with BS7671:2008, 17th edition upgrades, new switchboards, PIR sensors, sensor lights, testing, certification, insulation resistance tests, loop impedance tests, continuity tests, polarity, plugs, sockets, lights, switches, spurs, enclosures, conduit, trunking, capping, halogens, low voltage transformers, LED lights, outside lights, garden lights, power to sheds, rewires, isolators, telephone outlets, telephone cabling, sub mains, relays, two way switching, three way switching, stoves, appliances, lamps, florescents, strip lights, bayonet cap, fans, expelleirs, range hoods, entertainment equipment, spotlights, outdoor circuits, weatherproof fittings, picture lights, down lights, track lights, sensors, smoke alarms, warning labels, earthing, clamps, earth bars, earth straps, cable installation, crimping, tagging, fuses, neon fuse spurs, dimmers, remote control light switches, stove isolators, cookers, hobbs, surface wiring, pattresses, pull switches, pendants, door bell circuits, IP65 outlets, junction boxes, connections,

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